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For safe indoor air quality, continuous accurate measuring and analysing is everything. You must know when to act to protect people’s health and prevent property damages. To know what actions to take you need to have reliable real-time and history analysis available at any moment.

Smartwatcher was established in 2016 for a very personal need. The daughter of the founder was in an elementary school with severe with indoor air quality problems. It was a sick building and the children had to move to an uncomfortable temporary shed location. The daughter asked her father why the problems occur and why there is no way to detect indoor air quality problem, before people get symptoms. The father promised to look for a solution out on the market but was not able to find anything. He decided to start his own development for a technology that would help people around the world - Smartwatcher was born.

One year after its foundation Smartwatcher presented the first real time indoor air quality monitoring solution for the B2B sector. Since then, Smartwatcher has been a forerunner in developing indoor air measuring technology and analysing concepts building up In-depth knowledge about sensor technology and the interpretation of result.

As a pioneer in the world of indoor air quality monitoring Smartwatcher is known for the customer commitment. Satisfied facility owners, municipalities, hospital, schools, kinder gardens, office buildings use Smartwatcher to make sure indoor air quality is always safe. Millions of measurements are taken on a daily basis.

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